Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Super Mario..what a metaphor

when you meet with someone who value things differently from you
then you'll know how interesting your life will be
by saying interesting i do not mean wonderful
just that
you will feel kind of worthy
having to trotted the world for years and finding no challenge to excite you
finally there is something to give you a shake
that is why
go out and mingle
sitting around in your comfort box will bring you more harm which my thesaurus will say 'socially retarded'
out there waiting are people with millions of new information for you
they might not necessarily be good but worth knowing
at least you discover them before you die
for those who feel your life suck real bad
trust me, everyone feels the same way
even the most ok person you know has contemplated suicide at some points in his life
just look past everyting that's gloomy
there's something good waiting at the oher end of the rainbow
which probably won't be anything much
but time will provide you with ample anticipations
sit back, enjoy the ride and pick up what's good that come in your way
like when you play super mario
there will be times you'll bump into a hideous obstacle that makes you smaller than u really are
rant about it if you want
but go on further down your journey
cause in the end
no matter how many fireballs you have to duck
no matter how many stars you fail to catch
no matter how tired you are trying to knock the tortoises out
your castle is waiting at the end of the line
just make sure you still have enough breath to arrive and raise your flag

gosh i miss playing mario
it was such a turn on when i was younger
practically 5 years old


Amanda Christine Wong said... were turned out by mario when you were 5...a lil disturbing i have to say...anyway, mario rules!

Hannanika Chan said...

mario is kool
prince of persia too :P

Hannanika Chan said...
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