Sunday, June 7, 2009

desperately seeking some time..and money of course

i really got no time to blog anymore
considering that i have to take that dreadful journey to the cc
currently blogging from my mom's office
everyday i ferry her back and forth to her office but i was too shy to use this big pc (biasala budak ayu)
there are so many hot young guys here mestila kena control kann....
well, nothing is new
Rina is still hooked up with a tube - which means she still drinks only milk
it has been 3 weeks and she has grown so restless... kesian dia woo
well, next week we are going back to the Penang hospital and hopefully she can start eating properly again (she has prepared a list of food she'd want to have once the tube is off)
but till that moment comes, i will have to fix her up with milk every 3 hours and occasionally she'll have a glass of ribena.....
now that's how life is.
that's her part
what about ours?

ps: this blog really really need some pictures now... 'the other half' said its boring