Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the border,the food, the heat

Yesterday I crossed the line that divided Msia and Thailand.
Yup, I can finally say that I've been abroad..(kuikui)
It was just for a day but absolutely worthwhile.
Our destination was an off-shore small fishing village in Satun.
That was where my uncle was born.... so it was kinda like a visit to meet unknown relatives.
Lacking in passport-wise, I applied for my border pass a day earlier.
Which made me feel very lucky to be be living in a borderlined state.
Thailand was...
Hot..very hot.
I'd suggest anyone going there to equipped themselves with bottles of drinking water
Because the heat will parched you dry.
Thai drivers are wonderfully fast.
They speed like mad men but they did not cause trouble to other drivers.
It was like they have some sort of mutual understanding of each other's drivings.
Pick-up trucks outnumber other types of cars and they carry people, instead of things at the back.
We went past several small town and reached Hat Yai where non-Thai can easily got lost in translations.
English signboards gradually disappeared and we found ourselves driving through a metropolis without headwind....
But Thais are 1) friendly 2) love smiling 3) hopelessly incompetent in English
So we managed to get back to our track with a lot of exaggerated hand movements and ridiculous gestures which particularly ended with 'kap kunn ka'....
i won't talk bout the food here..that will need another hour...
Thais are born great cooks.....that sums it all

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