Tuesday, June 24, 2008

nightly confrontation


Adult: Suatu masa dulu, ada sorg budak perempuan nama Little Red Riding Hood. Mak dia suruh dia jalan kaki lalu hutan nak pegi umah nenek dia sebab nenek dia sakit...

Child 1: Nape dia jalan, kakti?
Dia tak ade keta ke?
Dia budak miskin ke?
Dia ada psp tak?

Adult: Tak ade. Dia hidup zaman dulu2.. time tu keta tak ade. Moto pun tak ade.

Child 1: Bas pun tak ade?

Adult: Tak ade. Semua org jalan kaki je nak pegi mana pun.
Anyway, pastu Little Red Riding Hood pun jalan la lalu kat hutan. Before tu mak dia
pesan tau jangan stop mana2, jalan je terus sampai umah nenek dia. Sebab hutan tu
bahaya. Ada byk binatang jahat.

Child 1: Kat dalam hutan tu ade byk indon ke?

Adult: Indon? taklah. Hutan tu byk wolf. Wolf ni suka makan orang. Kalau dia nampak Little Red Riding Hood nanti dia tangkap makan.

Child 1: Wolf tu besar ke?
Mcm mane dia makan orang?

Adult: Err...Ha'ah kut. Wolf tu besar..... Dia makan budak2 skali ngap je. Xngantuk lagi ke ni?

Child 1: Blum. Kakti, Riding Hood tu tak bawak pistol ke?
Kalau wolf tu datang bole tembak je mati.

Adult: Ish..mana bole budak kecik bawak pistol. Little Red Riding Hood tu tak reti guna pistol.
Lepas tu kan, Little Red Riding Hood ni lupa ape mak dia pesan kat dia. Dia berenti byk
kali nak petik bunga. Time dia berenti byk kali ni, wolf nampak dia.

Child 1: Riding Hood tu tak nampak ke wolf tu?
Kakti cakap wolf tu besar sangat sangat.

Adult: Tak nampak la kut..sebab pastu wolf tu potong Little Red Riding Hood so dia sampai
dlu kat umah nenek dia.

Child 1: Red Riding Hood tu tak call dlu ke nenek dia ckp nk dtg?
Nanti nenek dia kena makan dgn wolf tu plak.....

Adult: Isk..cite ni mcm x best je kan...Kakti da ngantuk la. Good nite Syakir....ZZZzzzzZzZzz...

i am kinda disturbed by the fact that our children now can no longer process fairy tales. They look for logic and reasons in everything - which is not a bad thing but c'mon..we are forcing them to shed their innocence. no wonderla when they go to school they act like adults and cannot be restrained by rules and regulations. Yes, fairy tales are tales/fiction. But they carry a heavy load of moral values in a beautiful and imaginative ways.

Fairy tales led me to fall in love with language and rhythm. They definitely need a comeback. Kindergarten nowadays, instead of doing intense mathematic and writing exercise, please provide some soothing period for story time. i do want our children to be intelligent, but i also want them to have beautiful souls filled with compassion and empathy

Friday, June 20, 2008

most wanted list topspot: DETERMINATION

I'm not sure of the reasons but starting a blog has been a real drag for me. Each blog I wrote went under construction after few postings and haven't been able to recover. There are so many things in my otak but still I find it hard to pour them out into words. And to think that I used to be great in pouring my isi otak in high school essays, its baffling. Funny how abilities and talents can fade if we do not brush em up from time to time. Just like me and debating. 10 years ago, debating is my territory. I came and I conquered. And on centerstage, my three opposition members always appeared as the three blind mice that were crossing my path. That was the idea told by Ms Rozie, my first fav eng teacher (miss you!). POIs were nothing, really.
I'm not ashamed of exaggerating because those were the my gloriest moments.

But after some time - which included losing, losing again, adolescent, poor time management, BFF, en.Zul the warden, en.Kamil the father, t.Mard being t.Mard, love crushes, obesity (which stays permanent) - all the dramas that can possibly happen in a girl's life, I now stand with fear if i were to be asked to debate again.

And now my writing wiring is short-circuited. There's malas somewhere, and a little usaha here and there, and an absolute conscious about what people are gonna think bout what i write.But blogging seems therapeutic. And by acknowledging how chaotic my life is currently, i really need all the therapy i can get. I mean, not that many will actually read them though.

So here goes another try (fingers crossed)..