Sunday, February 15, 2009


i desperately want to update this blog but apparently i got nothing to say..
now that would be an understatement..
cos lots and lots are happening in my life.
assignments are horrendously damaging my brain cells by the minutes.
food are mounting in my belly
and oh i just had my 23nd birthday..

now what birthday actually means to me?
apparently nothing.
just a sign from Allah that I am a year older which means
a) no more fooling around
b) start saving up money kalau betul nk kawin.. (my mom's voice)
c) be more matured now..responsibilities are piling up.

well its just another year to spend and make it as worthwhile as possible.
i will avoid any major drama in my life now
ha ha ha ha ha ha... TESL students without life drama?
it would be like Saipol without the everyone-is-watching-me-so-i-better-act-cool...
oh damn it!!
i just invited another drama there....
naughty me!

but really
life is life
you can't help but to participate in it
if it needs you to personally loathe someone who makes up stories about you
then loathe him you should..
i mean why not?..

so let's toast for being 23
apart from childish boys that we see everyday
the rumours they spread in between their porn feed
life is wayyy beyond them...


Hannanika Chan said...

hey girl. happy 23rd birthday. how's life? how's ustad? gee. i miss all the mktb gang so much. well, maybe will see u in sue's wedding

Atie Kamil said...

yeah...kinda missing u too.
let's meet up at sue's wedding
apa lagi...
masa utk bercantik2an la nmpknye!!

Amanda Christine Wong said...

what is life without the dramz? happy birthday girl.