Friday, August 6, 2010

The month of August

August is here..

What does it means?
It marks the second month of my working life
(hahaha..dua bulan pun nak kecoh)
It marks the starting of Ramadhan for this year..
It marks the Independence Day
(jadi cikgu kena patriotik okay..)
It also marks the second year of my scars
(yep, I just declared that I celebrate its birthday!)

Just to remind myself to be thankful.. that's all.
and to take better care of myself..

p/s: this week i'm obsessed with Sandra Bullock.. been watching Speed, While You Were Sleeping and Miss Congeniality back to back.. (you can do this when you are single)

This lady rocks!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


MISERABLE is a word I can associate with myself lately..
I'm not sure. There's a lot of reasons..
But one thing for sure.

I miss your companionship.
Miss your lending hands.
Miss your warmth compassion.
Miss your ways to cheer me up.
Miss your honest words.
Miss your worries.

Miss you guys...

Bila la kita nak jumpa lagi?...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Which One?

Students: Teacher, teacher habaq teacher orang KEDAH... Betoi ka orang KEDAH ni?

Teacher: Betul la. Rumah teacher kat Kedah. Kenape tanye macam tu?

Students: Tak dak la. Awat kami dengaq teacher cakap macam orang KL?

Teacher: Eh, ye ke? Teacher tak perasan pun. Ade bunyi KL ke?

Students: La.. Sebab dengaq bunyi KL la kami tanya..... La ni habaq betoi2. Teacher ni lahir mana?

Teacher: Teacher ni lahir kat KELANTAN.

Students: Ha?? KELANTAN? toksah dok tipu la....tak dak bunyi KELANTAN pon..

Teacher: Buat ape teacher nak tipu korang? Teacher lahir di KELANTAN tapi tinggal di KEDAH.

Students: Nyanyi skit lagu negeri KEDAH mai kami nak dengaq..

Teacher: Lagu KEDAH teacher tak reti la. Lagu TERENGGANU, SELANGOR, PENANG, JOHOR teacher tau la..

Students: Aik.. Awat plak dah? Teacher ni kelentong ah.. Lagu negeri sendiri tak reti nyanyi. lagu negeri lain reti plak. Habaq la betoi2 sikit. Ingat kami ni budak kecik ka nak tipu2?

Teacher: Astaghfirullah.. Tak ade tipu langsung. Macam ni la. Korang tanya teacher orang mana kan.. Sekarang teacher orang PERLIS. kerja sini, orang sini.. Puas hati?

Teacher: Sudah.. Ini kelas English. Bukannye Geografi. Tengok, masa dah abis. Bersembang punya pasal, ape pon tak belajar.

Students: Takpa teacher.. Kami lagi suka kalau bersembang...

Teacher: Haa... Yela tu...

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Where I am now...

6 years had passed and I'm a student no more.. The long dreaded destination is finally here.
Like it or not, I am a teacher now. Not a trainee. Not a temp. But a full pledged working teacher.
With pay! (chuckles)
Which probably arrive months from now. So nothing to brag there..

The lucky school to have me is SMK Syed Sirajuddin or SEMSIRA in Arau, Perlis.
Yep..Perlis. Cool, eh?
What can I say. People really want me to travel all over the country. Five states in 25 years and now my life begins here in Perlis.
Excited? Yeah...
Ecstatic? Not really...

The best thing is probably I get to stay at home. With my parents. I repeat, with my parents.
Food is not a problem and the bed is heaven. What more can I ask for, right?..
Amanda has said it all for me in her post so I shall say no more.
But living at home means I have to drive 45mins x 2 everyday for work. Pretty exhausting..
Especially when you have been facing nerve-wrecking students all day. Driving home can be a tedious task.

My life (and all my friends', too) has turned all the way around. And I'm embracing the changes. Pray that I will become a great teacher one day...whom shall touch the lives of many..

Finally, some really good 'B' words....

status: REBOOT

After a long 1 year hiatus..
Cheers to the fact the I'm finally inspired to blog again.
God knows how long this time will last.. but armed with a steady connection and good ol camera.
All refreshed and new
I'm ready to kiss and tell again..

let's all grin and hope this girl can keep her words