Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Try Me!!

If you declare war to gain territory, I'm fine with that
If you declare a bloodbath in the name of religion, I'm in no place to stop you
When you start to hurt women
When you start to decapitate children
You are the lowest, most disgusting creature ever walked this earth!
Is victory really that sweet when you earn it on thousands of innocent corpses?
Is that small piece of land really mean something when the soil has been soaked in helpless blood?
Guess you have liven up to everything that's been written about you
Its not about land anymore
Its not about religion
Regardless of ethnicity,
You are my enemy with every children's souls lost in the battle


kei-1 said...

"as long as there are men, there is war" - Albert Einstein

its an inevitable fact of life. People will never learn

Atie Kamil said...

yes..thinking of that suddenly makes me wanna just leave

kei-1 said...

leave to where? Is there such place left to go?

but yeah, its a sad sad world today.