Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Yoga and what not......

Kecoh sampai ke Indonesia pasal yoga banning for Muslims issue ni rupanya.. Seems like the Indons won't be in our corner in banning the spiritual-based fitness regime called yoga for Muslims. And the hype is still on in our Malaysia. Perak and Selangor are sceptical with the ban, the Hindu community has expressed their worry (which I think is irrelevant), research and study are still ongoing even though the ban is voiced, citizens continue to express what they think and believe -

some are worried that they might have been misled all this time,
some are reluctant to give up the exercise that has helped them find peace,
some are giving out information on what they know about the exercise,
some are disgusted by the hastiness of the ban and 'narrow-minded/one-sided/discriminating' it is


Entahla, I am not a practitioner so I'll just be among some who is concerned about what's going on with Malaysia.. (cewah)

Yoga originated from Hinduism, that is for sure. Basically it involves poses, meditation, breathing methods, all those stuff you see the hollywood celebrities are doing. It is supposed to be therapeutic and enlightening. Its goal is to achieve pure serenity, stress-free, positive life. I think its like reaching a higher stage of living where you feel total comfort and spiritually satisfied. While browsing thru the Net, I found many tongue-twisting Sanskrit terms like Chaturangas, Purvottanasana, Pranayama, etc. I do not know what they mean but surely they are about fitness and health.

Back to the issue, I personally think that we (Malaysians, regardless of race and religions) have to learn how to approach an issue with poise and wisdom. Itu je masalahnya. In a country like ours where we scream out integration but act out the opposite, people have to know how to say something about something.

Those who discovered bout something in Yoga which is against the Islamic beliefs should explain explicitly which what and how before stamping a ban. Yes it is extremely important when in comes to religion but amar makruf nahi mungkar itu perlu ada strategi..(cewah lagi)

Plus, Muslim yoga practitioner should have known if what they are practising is diverting away from Islam. I believe when we do something we have to really know and learn about it. Takkan buta-buta je nak buat. They must have been taught the basics and fundamentals in yoga. So, terpulang kepada individu sama ada pandai menilai, memilih dan menerima. Come on la, rakyat Malaysia kan pandai- pandai...

Non-Muslims should not be affected by the ban whatsoever. The banning is not a discrimination/racist kinda act (read the word Muslims). Because I believe there are also things that Buddhists and Hindus are prohibited to do when it comes to religions. Its just that this issue has been over-publicized.

Here's a thought to all Muslims, we have our own method to achieve optimum serenity and peace - solat/salat. It is a form of exercise and spiritually therapeutic. Five times a day means a lot of exercising and connecting with our spiritual within. So in my humble opinion, we have our own 'yoga'....

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