Thursday, November 27, 2008

2008 and me

warning: may contain gory, stomach-clunching pics ahead....

One month before 2009
I already have hopes for next year
To be more matured in any way
To be a better servant to Him
To have a peaceful, less-stressed life
and perhaps
To avoid from any road accidents whatsoever

I am still so terrified by the scars on my right leg..
And the oh-somebody-please-hold-me pain that came before the scars
Its what people always say
We will never know the feeling till the day we face it ourselves
I now cannot take a look at a bike without the memory flashing through my eyes

Another resolution for 2009
No bike/any two-wheeled engine-based transportation in any way possible.
Leave them to the pros

it was erghh...but it's much better looking now

dugaan Allah S.W.T

It has been 3months and I know it is over but somewhere deep in my heart
I hope that the snatcher knows the disgust that I harbour from him is still on
You gave me scars dude..
And you made me went through hell trying to heal and walk again
Not mentioning the ups and downs the processes of replacing everything you took
I'm just a student laa..
Go and snatch some mak datin's bag laa..worth your time.
But then again, being a snatcher, you must not be so bright to think of that..
Come to think of it
I feel sorry for you

Its all fated By Allah..
Benda dah jadi..
I know its wrong to still be this angry
Not that I can't walk again.
So I forgive you lah Mr Snatcher..
But I'm not sure if your other victims will do the same.........
So you know what to do la.
You surely possess certain level of intelligence to think of that one
Not to offend anyone
I'm just being me

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