Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I told you I suck at blogging...can't bring myself to find internet - dat's what happen if you are a upm student. Even when i happen to find a connection, time is my most endearing enemy. Plus the blues of 'i dun know what to write' haunts me whenever i feel the need to blog. its been so long since i last wrote a post and the semester is almost over. I am currently in the midst of final exams which i dare not say a word about - God knows how hard it is. It has only been two papers and there are pimples all over my forehead. I got the feeling that i might screw this sem. Cos it's just too hard for me. Not for the others, but me. People might look at me and say 'btw, isn't TESL like the easiest program around?' Believe me people do come over and say those words to me. My dad included of course.

And to answer such question, my friend Farid said and i quote "Belajar bukan memang susah. Belajar itu sendiri bermakna susah. Kita belajar perkara yang kita belum tahu. Pengetahuan yang belum ada dalam sistem data kita. Sudah semestinya susah."

There is no learning that is easy. Instead, there are ways to make learning easy. Guess that i haven't found my ways. But not that I do not try to.

Living in my kind of society, academic is everything. The people that i live with go through their daily life based on the hope to reach excellence (who doesn't)... But there is certainly more to life than how many As u score. At least that is the mindset i live with. Its all depending on the system. If our system (education-wise) stresses less on examination and more upon individual growth, i believe many more rare talents can be found everyday. Who am i to discuss something like this but growing older by the minute and a definite member in this education arena, it is something to be ponder upon. Education is future, after all.

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