Saturday, July 31, 2010

Where I am now...

6 years had passed and I'm a student no more.. The long dreaded destination is finally here.
Like it or not, I am a teacher now. Not a trainee. Not a temp. But a full pledged working teacher.
With pay! (chuckles)
Which probably arrive months from now. So nothing to brag there..

The lucky school to have me is SMK Syed Sirajuddin or SEMSIRA in Arau, Perlis.
Yep..Perlis. Cool, eh?
What can I say. People really want me to travel all over the country. Five states in 25 years and now my life begins here in Perlis.
Excited? Yeah...
Ecstatic? Not really...

The best thing is probably I get to stay at home. With my parents. I repeat, with my parents.
Food is not a problem and the bed is heaven. What more can I ask for, right?..
Amanda has said it all for me in her post so I shall say no more.
But living at home means I have to drive 45mins x 2 everyday for work. Pretty exhausting..
Especially when you have been facing nerve-wrecking students all day. Driving home can be a tedious task.

My life (and all my friends', too) has turned all the way around. And I'm embracing the changes. Pray that I will become a great teacher one day...whom shall touch the lives of many..

Finally, some really good 'B' words....

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Memer said...

Welcome to the real world! And i believe you're gonna do just fine!