Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Johore-ing myself

two weeks of classes had passed..
i'm getting very used to the house now
jb seems much more subtle than how i first saw it..
still familiarizing with the johoreans' road ethics (apparently they love to tail-gate you real close..before u'll realize that they are actually 'the imported ones' - hence the cockiness)
must be weird for them to see a K among all the Js with an obviously stunning young female driver maneuvering her way through the town..ahaks

as for the life in IPGMK(TI) --- da brp byk kali tukar da nama ni. kt dlm sama je x berubah2....
i drag myself to live yet another minute in it..
its like living in a warfare zone
and TESL is the minor ethnic up for cleansing...
we have to watch our backs all the time
just in case there is a glimpse of that monstrous dictator whom has taken a vow to make our lives here unbearable.

i do not know how the next 5months is gonna change me..
but i surely will never lose myself
with that dictator around marking my moves,
i'll probably add a pinch of evil in my resume............


Amanda Christine Wong said...

be afraid. be very afraid.

Atie Kamil said...

i'm upping my game to his level now...
ingat dia je pandai jadi mafia?
we play mafia wars maa....