Friday, July 3, 2009

jeng jeng jeng

after hibernating for almost the entire holiday
and successfully annihilated my social life......
i am back (at least for now)
bear the changes in this blog please..(especially the flying butterfly)
i'm in a good mood...
currently is out of kedah and heading to johore
2days transit in KL which means 2days to spend with my other half
the kilometres are stretching more and more... so better make the best of the time (wink!)
back to the blog..
its nice being childish again once in a while
having butterfly flying around seems fun
in times where the word 'babi' is the current hype...
i'm happy happy happy
- result was good
- transformers 2 was superb
- my car is fixed
- Rina is now eating non-stop
- bank account has tripled (yg ni bahaya sket ni)
- my other half is by my side

just DON'T mention the word 'maktab' or 'ipti' or 'baharum' or 'senaman pagi'
all hell will break loose!!


Amanda Christine Wong said...

...and i was just about to share my depression of going back tomorrow with u...dang ur butterflies!

Atie Kamil said...

i'm terrified by just the thought of having to drive to jb......
black shoes,check!
ipti batik,check!
black n white kurung,check!
let's go back to school. everybody!!!

amirul hensome said...

im gonna miss u

Atie Kamil said...

miss u too syg....