Saturday, May 2, 2009

reality or make-believe?

alahaii oops..principal tiara ui....
we understand that astro would like to squeeze in as much money that they can
so please spare us from all the drama shit you just put on in front of everyone
i mean, cmon la...
we all know what akademi fantasia is..
all that surprise drama is one of its fundamentals
kejap sorg keluar, kejap dua org keluar, aiseh..there is no justice to audience's wasted vote money la.
if there is gonna be a return of an axed contestant, hey i don't even take that as a surprise anymore.. i mean, look at mawi.
wasn't he an afmasuk some time ago?
my point is, you do not have to make up some sort of supposedly-natural-looking 'performance' where you need to ternganga and looked all shocked and messed up then walked up the stage and suddenly nak guna the authority as a principal to launch the somehow-unfair afmasuk
adoyaii..why didn't you use the authority when aril-the-great (duh) was ousted?
surely everyone know who is the lucky 'guy' that will be voted back into the show....
but play it fair and square la
once you are kicked off, please remain that way
mana ade skolah expel students then take them back
pandaiinye all the people at astro..
i understand that's the way it goes but please do not simply make a fool out of the audience with a totally unconvincing drama like that...
come to think of it, ironically, isn't she is like one of the greatest actress on our land?
well, apparently that's old news

i just think honest competition brings out the pure talent
OIAM is one
glad that tomok won - he totally deserved it

currently anxious to find out if danny gokey will make it

and btw, hafiz too

conclusion: ok i am into reality shows... but is it really 'reality'?


Melancholic Fool said...

im into reality shows too... a long time ago, i would sit in front of tv clasping my phone to vote... haih... thinking back... im thinking that i was sooo... (never mind)

however... the drama... we all could see that it is what the people wants to see... kalau tak rating turun la...

Pengetua tu... do not have choice but to follow uit... if not... tade la drama... tade la org nak nengok - eh ape masuk balik?

it has been a long time since i watch any singing reality hows... is it just me or is it like abundance of it out there....

however berquality nye org tu... da terlampau bersepah da penyanyi yg ade kat malaysia...

i wish that astro ke media prima ke would seriously do reality shows yg macam the biggest loser or three wishes... at least you got drama... and you can help people...

Atie Kamil said...

haha..nak ke org malaysia tgk the biggest loser?
i mean, ade ke org nk masuk?
kite semua kan jaga air muke....

Syafik said...

found! haha. Thanks to melancholic fools. :)

Amanda Christine Wong said...

reality twisted to audience's fancy.

Atie Kamil said...

Dear Syafik,
ape yg 'found'nye tu?

Atie Kamil said...

people are into reality shows because these are the shows that they can connect themselves to.
because they revolve around ordinary commoners like us.
when we see a nobody winning something big, we are introduced to the idea that we, too, are capable in doing something extraordinary.
that is the simple formula in reality shows.
people feel belong and connected.
but when the shows start to exploit the audience into forking a lot of money for unclear reasons, then its an honesty breach.
and people buy into these because they believe in the shows.
and believing is not a good thing.
i wonder if malaysia can come up with reality shows like the amazing race which does not require any voting or money-wise investment from the audience

k3i said...

sy tag anda.
sila jwb.kalo xde keje. :) heh..
sila zazzzz ke blurggg kamek.