Wednesday, May 27, 2009

just when i thought my holiday is boringg

i can't contain myself anymore today
while i stirred a glass of milk this evening i realized how long has it been since my last cyber connection....
so here i am
doing something i dislike the most - sitting in a chair in between adolescent boys who curse and fidget around while playing something that i assume would be DOTA (pandai jee..ntah2 game porno ape jek)
yep!! apparently my steamyx has been disconnected at home
there goes my treasured priviledge of having to surf in my pajamas while munching on some murukku
all thanks to my 15-year-old brother who has just discovered the world of 'love'
due to his short-circuited ability to think accordingly, our land line bill reached a certain level which almost turned my father into a particular huge green monster
so no more phone calls to him
and no more internet to the rest of us

but even if the tale above didn't happen.. i wouldn't be able to surf much anyway
in between the previous entry and these two horrible smelly school boys sandwiching me
my holiday has been nothing but eventful....
and i actually lost some weight.. (note the word 'some' might mean slightly insignificant and probable imaginary amount)

my sister Rina underwent a reconstructive plastic surgery in Penang about three weeks ago.. (i'll blog about it in my next entry)
so the whole family was pushed out of our regular routine and have to accommodate the change.
my mom went to stay with Rina at the hospital for about a week..
my dad had to work of course so he went back to ipoh after the surgery
and as usual, i have to man the household and take care of my other two siblings and also my grandma at home
yep.. i am totally domesticated now
my weapons are the mop and broom...
kid me not but i can brush a house till it sparkle
hahaha.. and those labour has driven me to think that i am now slightly lighter
though i enjoy multiple-serving meals after every chore....

now that Rina has come home.. there are more things to be monitored
because of the surgery, her mouth is off-limit to any solid food that can damage the suture in her gums so she has to feed through a tube inserted in in her nose that goes straight into her stomach
i really really feel sorry for her because i know how bad she wants to eat and actually taste food
my mom has ordered everyone in the house to not eat anything in front of our kak Rina
and we are postponing all the desires to eat food that she loves like pizza, kfc, and even waffles..
we don't mind a bit
as long as Rina doesn't feel sad and tempted
she is going to recuperate successfully and all of us are there for her..

oops i forgot that you have a time limit here..
till i'm not sure when...
hope that my dad will finally come to his senses
or my brother will finally realize that the phone calls involve cash flows..
i'm just at home being a daughter, a grandchild, and a sister
and oh, i didn't mention that i crashed my mother's car, did i??

next time, shall we?


kei-1 said...

wow those are really some eventful things happening there. I sure hope your sister recovers soon, not being able to eat sounds really bad.

and, your brother needs to learn about the invention called the internet which is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar superior to phone. hahaha.

I guess there's a reason to fear you if ur holding a broom or mop now.. you seemed lethal with household weaponry already XD

Amanda Christine Wong said...

looking forward for ur next posts!

Mohd Sharazi Zulkeffli said...

just hanging there gurl.

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