Monday, December 22, 2008

judge or be judged

one thing about our society..

they tend to JUDGE each other

when their daughter is always on the phone 24/7,
she must be less-focused on her study

when their friend's son got into a bike accident,
he must be one of those rempit guys

when they see boys on the street wearing some sort of indecent outfit,
he must be those who have strayed away from the right direction

when they see the next door neighbour's girl coming home late at night,
she must be out and up to no good

they are so easy to pass judgement
but they are quick to temper when the judgement is on them
from my pov
we are not good in handling criticism..
even the wise people up there blabbering this and that on the paper

so what's it gonna be?
you can stay put when you are not being judged
but when you are
you'll wish for salvation
like i am doing now

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