Saturday, August 15, 2009

Optimistic is da way to go......

in times like this,
u tend 2 feel weak and emotional..
every sight is a sight of emptiness
every touch has no warmth
every sound is just another noise
inevitably, u'll blame urself over what has happened
although u have tried so hard to prevent it

but what would u do if u were left to sail alone?

people can say that this does not hurt
but its their lying pride that's talking
even u r bragging how it didn't change a thing
but behind curtains ur sorrow hits hard
n there is no 1 that knows the way
to put colours in ur eyes
for now

deep down inside
u realize 1 fact
that u'll definitely end up with a smile
though u can't tell where n when
there will b a bright light at the end of this dark tunnel
so u stride on
with all the might u have left
put on faces when u should
stamp ur feet hard - hard enough to make it matter
bcause every step now means something
not to others anymore but to urself

walk on
the journey is still long
and with the faith u hv
the world will bring u back its wonders
soon there will be wind which will guide u down the right way
u just hv to keep on going

so that is what i will do



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Anonymous said...

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Mir said...

Best. Suka :D

p/s: ni mira shaharom, ur junior back in pdrm.